Sentinel 7.0

Detects if any parts of your computer have been affected by malware
7.0.33 (See all)
Works closely with any antivirus, but it is not an antivirus, for its main function is to scan your computer full, registry, files, folders, and detect if any zone has been affected by any viruses, malware programs. As well it will always inform if any changes have been done in the registry area.

Sentinel works by analyzing exploits in both your Registry and your system folders; integrating with ANY Anti-Virus program to quarantine these threats. Sentinel's Integrity Checker will notify your anti-virus/trojan application(s) if any file has been modified or added in any way whatsoever (using either a heavily optimized CRC32, SHA-1, MD5 or MD4 algorithm--for those of you who don't speak geek: Sentinel is fast, and very secure). Sentinel's RegWatch will watch over your startup registry entries, as well as other commonly exploited tactics viruses use to load--if any file seems suspicious, it is audited.
Three new algorithms added since initial release (SHA-1, MD4 and MD5 on top of the CRC32 algorithm).

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